It’s an Exciting Time for Healthcare!

This is an exciting time for healthcare! Not only are people living longer, they’re living happier and healthier lives. Modern healthcare research indicates that patient mortality is at the lowest rate it’s ever been. Millions of people every day benefit from access to well-trained healthcare practitioners all over the world. From Chiropractors to Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists to Homeopaths, and Physicians to Nurse Practitioners, our medical knowledge base is perpetually expanding and we’re releasing better trained clinicians into the field every year.

While there is a lot to look forward to regarding healthcare, I am also aware that there is a lot of anxiety and confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act and its associated policies. One of the purposes of this blog is to help alleviate any concerns that there might be by providing an un-biased picture of legislation and how it affects all of us. I also hope to bring to light some of the more exciting aspects of healthcare which includes new pharmaceuticals, technologies, and techniques.

As a preview to tone and contents of my blog, I would like to introduce an amazing example of recent medical technology that I feel could be poised to revolutionize the way that life-threatening internal bleeding can be treated.  XStat™ is a syringe-like device that has been developed to deliver small sponges to the site of internal bleeding. If cleared by the FDA, XStat™ will be used to treat gunshot and other wounds that before may have been life-threatening. It works by delivering tiny sponges internally to a lacerated artery where before field medics would have to try to apply large sponges manually. These sponges expand rapidly and have proven to hold in place even under the enormous pressure of large arteries. Not only could it benefit military personnel, but could be adapted to meet the needs of EMTs and potentially ER/OR personnel. It is developments such as these that make me anxious to see what else the field of healthcare has in store.

Sponge-filled syringe called XStat is a quicker way to treat combat wounds


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